The Advantages of Choosing a Long-term Rehab

A drug and alcohol addiction is something every addict must learn to manage for life. It is unreasonable to expect people to be completely prepared for this type of challenge after only 30 days of assistance. Long-term rehabilitation is statistically more effective for the majority of people fighting addiction for many reasons.

Building Better Habits

The first few days or weeks in a rehabilitation program are spent detoxing the body. Once they are stronger they will work to develop new habits. This includes steps like eating right, getting exercise and managing stress in a healthy manner. Studies have determined that it takes between 21 – 66 days to develop a new habit. A 30-day rehab program ends while people are still in the initial phase of recovery.

Growing Physically Stronger

Nourishing the body and getting in shape is important for addicts. Many will have spent years feeling tired, sick and weak. A long-term program will put an emphasis on healing the body and helping it to recover from the abuse it has received in the past. Exercise becomes the new outlet for stress and anger that previously would have driven the person to drugs and alcohol.

Establishing Genuine Goals

The mind will clear once the body is clean. At this point, people will be able to focus on the future and start to consider what they want from their life. Counselors will aid the client in forming their goals. They can decide if they want to go back to school or look for a particular type of career. Repairing relationships, deciding where they will live and many other details will be considered.

Creating Action Plans

It is important to devise a plan to reach each goal that has been set. How will they pay for their degree? Are they qualified for their chosen career? Is it possible to afford to live where they desire? There are many questions they must answer in order to succeed. Long term rehabilitation gives them the time to find genuine answers to their questions and adjust goals if necessary.

A long term rehab guide will detail the gains that are made during the additional time spent receiving assistance. It is important for friends and family to understand why this type of intensive therapy is needed and why their patience is a vital part of the process. Learn more about what long-term rehabilitation offers.